THE AVENGERS #8 (1964)

This introduces Kang the time traveler, but he seems to be an alien.  And although he mentions futuristic technology, he has no idea who The Avengers are.

That’s a little strange.

He does identify himself as Rama Tut, though, so Stan Lee was beginning to think through the legend.  Of course, he also has no idea who Iron Man is…And we all know, he’s Iron Lad.  At least we know that now, in 2016.

But back in the 1960s, this was all formative.

Anyway, Kang captures the heroes, except that Rick Jones and The Wasp escape.  Wasp goes back to the mansion to find something to use to beat Kang, and Rick Jones calls the Teen Brigade, who actually get into Kang’s HQ and free The Avengers.  Seriously.  He beat a God, a living legend, an armored futurist, and a 20 foot high man.  But he can’t beat some dapper kids.

Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
First appearances: Kang
Grade: C+

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