THE AVENGERS #12 (1965)

“This Hostage Earth” pits (pun intended) the A-team against Mole Man and the Moloids.  And although it seems ridiculous that the entire team is needed to beat this dude, especially when he doesn’t even have a giant monster to help him (as he did in Fantastic Four #1), we do get to see some more catty arguments between team members.  Above, we see Thor ridiculing Giant-Man for using ants to warn him of dangers.  Then Cap warns Thor that Giant-Man is a big dude.


I’m reminded that clone-Thor killed another version of Giant Man…

Giant-Man is kidnapped by Mole Man and the Avengers rescue him.  Note: Mole Man doesn’t use a gigantic monster to do his bidding here, as he did in Fantastic Four #1. It’s just him and his pale-skinned moloids.

I know I’ve criticized the current trend at Marvel, both in movies and in print, of every threat being “cosmic level,” but moloids?  Versus the entire Avengers???

Oh, and there’s a letter from George RR “Game of Thrones” Martin!  His first published work!

Creators: Stan Lee, Don Heck
Grade: F.  Sorry.  This is really, really dumb.

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