FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #2: Doctor Doom’s Origin!

The FF’s most famous, and perhaps Marvel’s best, villain gets his moment in the spotlight in FF Annual #2.  It starts with him remember his days as a child, with a literal witch for a mother, and his ability to make robot duplicates of himself.  He’s kind of a Robin Hood figure, rebelling against the wealthy class of Latveria.

At the end of the story, he visits his mother’s grave–the seeds for Doom’s annual effort to fight for her soul.  But that comes much later in Marvel history.

We see his progression, as he is selected to be a student at an unnamed University–in the same class as Reed Richards.

And then there’s the classic Doom pride, as Victor Von refuses to accept Reed’s input on an experiment which, then, literally blows up in his face.  Or blows up his face.  Depending on which future Doom origin retcons you believe most.  It seems Stan and Jack intended the reader to believe Doom was still unscarred–until he put on his own mask:

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

First appearances: Doom’s mother, Doombots.

Grade: B+

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