Two short stories in one issue.  In the first one, Peter dons boxing gloves and knocks out Flash Thompson.  It’s also the one where Pete stops wearing glasses, because the spider-powers are improving his vision.  I suppose some people might say this is the beginning of major changes for the character, as he breaks from being a nerd and becomes someone who actually has multiple girlfriends at the same time.  But if you think about it, it makes sense.  Dude has mad power, and that’ll change a guy.

The story, the first one in the issue, is about a computer who can supposedly figure out Spider-Man’s identity.  Peter and Flash get into an argument about it, and the principal actually suggests they settle it in the ring.

Quite a high school they go to.

The second story is a Spider-Man/Human Torch tale.  There’s a lot of these.  But what makes this one, “Spider-Man Tackles the Torch,” special is that it’s pencilled by Jack Kirby, who we rarely got to see drawing Spider-Man.

Storywise, there’s not much here.  Spidey “fights” with Human Torch and meets the FF.  And awwwwww he leaves Sue a little valentine.  This story is actually pencilled by Jack Kirby!  It’s fun, but inconsequential.

Creators: Lee, Ditko (story one)/Lee, Kirby, Ditko (story two)
Grade: B

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