The 5 top comic characters

Surely all of us must have watched movies which feature comic characters such as Spiderman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Wonder woman and Deadpool! They are all find characters with super natural powers, and have amazed their audiences. But have you ever read the comic books? These are very interesting and show a series of events in the life of these heroes.

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince, mostly known as Wonder Woman is one of the heroine, created by DC Comics. She has a wide range of skills in hunting, fighting and strategy. Her civilian identity is Diana Prince, but in her homeland, she is Princess Diana of Themyscira. In comic books, it is stated that she got her powers from Greek Gods, being an amazon. But much of her strength and abilities come from her mental capability to transform mental powers into physical abilities. She is such a strong woman that there is even a slot game based on her. Wonder Woman gold slot can be played at Lucky Pants Bingo- UK’s best bingo site. On this 5 reels, 40 paylines slot, there are 3 jackpots: Mini, Major and Mega. Trigger the Wonder Woman symbol on the reels, and the winnings will make you feel on cloud nine. Try the game now!


Created by Marvel Comics, many youngsters could relate to the Spiderman comic books. A young Peter Parker who was mostly lonely, rejected and inadequate, became the inspiration of many people, through his hidden identity as Spiderman. This costume crime- fighter had strength, power, agility and ability. Shooting spider webs to climb building, he could fight any foes. Through the years, The Amazing Spider-man comic book series have known great success. There have been many alternative scenes in movies based on this hero. However, the one in the books, remain the legendary one!


Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Batman! Do you remember this opening soundtrack of Batman series? Created by DC Comics, Batman’s character has been impressive. Known as Bruce Wayne, he was a billionaire and a philanthropist. However, at a young age, he witnessed his parents being killed and this shaped him into a justice-seeker. He finally makes his fear his identity, and takes the outfit of Batman! Having trained physically and intellectually, he fights criminals in Gotham City. Not having any super powers, he uses his skills, will, science, knowledge and martial arts abilities to combat injustice.

Harley Quinn

Who doesn’t know the psycho and crazy Harley Quinn? Known as a Super-villain, Harleen Quinzel was once a lovely and sane psychiatrist who worked at Arkham Asylum. Her character of Harley Quinn was born when she fell in love with the legendary Joker, and becomes his accomplice. Her strength and powers come from an injection of antitoxin, given the Poison Ivy. Having mostly been seen in Batman Comics, her role in Suicide Squad played by the lovely Margo Robbie, gained many positive critics.


Known for being talkative and humorous, Deadpool’s identity was once Wade Wilson. Being one of the Marvel Comics, his character has been shaped into an anti-hero through the years. He is actually a disfigured, unstable man with superhuman abilities. He uses his strength to combat the laboratory testers who made him this way, and on his way he destroys everything with a smile.

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