Marvel and DC were at almost a dead heat in December 2016, splitting the top 10 down the middle and owning nearly identical shares of the market.  Here’s the top 10 monthlies:
1.  Justice League/Suicide Squad #1 (DC)
2.  IvX #1 (Marvel)
3.  Dark Knight III #7 (DC)
4., 5.  Batman #12, 13 (DC)
6.  Civil War II #8 (Marvel) (final issue)
7.  Star Wars #26 (Marvel)
8.  Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1 (Marvel)
9.  Hulk #1 (Marvel)
10.  All Star Batman #5 (DC)
Bubbling under: Walking Dead #161 came in at #11, selling just 2k fewer issues than #10.  From then on, it’s all big two until you get to #49, which was Saga.  It’s so sad that standard and way below average books like Gamora, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy (and all its spin offs), etc. outsell—and outsell dramatically—quality books like Saga.
Things look a bit better with the top 10 Graphic Novels, as usual:
1.  Love is Love (IDW)
2.  Batman Vol. 9 (DC)
3.  Descender Vol. 3 (Image)
4.  Wolverine: Old Man Logan (Marvel)
5.   I Hate Fairyland Vol. 2 (Image)
6.  Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 (Marvel)
7.  Star Wars Poe Dameron Vol. 1(Marvel)
8.  Doctor Strange Vol. 1 (Marvel)
9.  Batman Hardcover Vol. 10 (DC)
10.  Black Science Vol. 5 (Image)
Fans of “art” and quality books tend to be trade-waiters.  That’s the message here.

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