FANTASTIC FOUR #15 (1963): Awesome Android!

Okay, so there’s quite a bit that happens in this issue.  It starts with The Thing getting teased by the Yancy Street Gang, in their first appearance.  We don’t actually see them up close, we just see them making Ben Grimm really, really mad by calling him a “sissy” and drawing a picture of him in a tutu.

Yeah, it’s a bit homophobic, but back in the 1960s this was considered funny.

The main story is about The Mad Thinker, in his first appearance.  I love that panel above.  It looks so scientific, even though it’s complete nonsense.

The Mad Thinker creates the Awesome Android–based on science he stole from Reed Richards. Reed is quick to throw that in, even though the “monster” is bearing down on him.

I love the Awesome Android.

Mostly, though, I loved him in Dan Slott’s magnificent and underrated She Hulk comic, in which Andy (that’s what he’s called there) gets a job at a law firm and becomes a total sweetheart.  He falls in love, has a white board to speak with….If you haven’t read Slott’s work on that book, you’re truly missing out.


Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

First appearances: Yancy St. Gang, Thinker, Awesome Android

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