THE GREATEST OF ALL CHRISTMAS TUNES #5: Father Christmas by The Kinks (1977)

the-kinks-father-christmas-arista-2The Kinks are one of my all-time favorite bands.  Probably in my top 5.  And this song, told from the perspective of a gang of poor English youth who beat up Santa when he makes them annoyed by no t giving them money—is classic Kinks.  Their songs are marked by a sense of humor, tied in with social justice and rebellion, and are always full of great hooks and solid rock-and-roll music.

“Give all the toys to the little rich boys,” the kids shout.

Although Father Christmas was released as a single, it was also added as a bonus song to The Kinks best, least known record: Misfits.

Hit the tag below labeled, “G.O.A.T.: Greatest of All Christmas Tunes” to see more of my top 20 original Christmas songs!

Further listening: One of these days I’ll do a Kinks top 10.  Stay tuned.  As for another straight up rock and roll Xmas song worth adding to your playlist if you like this one?  Marah’s, “A Christmas Kind of Town.”  Or try the progrock of Greg Lake’s, “I Believe in Father Christmas.”

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