THE GREATEST OF ALL CHRISTMAS TUNES #6: Run Rudolph Run-Chuck Berry (1958)

No Christmas is complete without some classic rock, and it doesn’t get much more classic than Chuck Berry’s signature guitar riff on Run Rudolph Run.  Berry didn’t write the song (it was by Johnny Marks (a Jew who also wrote “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”) and Marvin Brodie), but Berry’s version is the only one you really need to know.  Yeah, it sounds almost the same as several other Berry hits, it’s so much fun to listen to!

Hit the tag below labeled, “G.O.A.T.: Greatest of All Christmas Tunes” to see more of my top 20 original Christmas songs!

Further listening: For another Christmas song that sounds an awful lot like a rock-and-roll band’s typical output, check out Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys.  Or check out the Chubbie Checker classic, Jingle Bell Rock.

Covers: Oh my God. Who HASN’T done this tune? I tried to pick a good range…

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