THE TOP 40 ROLLING STONES SONGS OF ALL TIME (complete with covers) #22-19!

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I’m posting my 40 favorite Rolling Stones songs, complete with covers, all under the tag “Rolling Stones GOATs.”  If you hit that tag, at the bottom of each post, you’ll be able to see all my picks.

In yesterday’s entry, I promised to deliver the Stones’ raunchiest, crudest song ever.  And I will make good on that with #21.  But let’s start with #22…

22.  The Last Time (Single, 1965)

Not the first and not the last example of a Jagger/Richards song that’s more cover than original, but whose actual creators never got paid—the chorus leans heavily on “This May Be The Last Time” by the Staple Singers.

But turnabout is fair play: In 1967, The Who started to become known as the “third British band.”  Instead of people asking whether you prefer The Beatles or The Stones, we got this new option—and one of their earliest singles was an A/B side of this tune and “Under My Thumb.”  And The Who had a hit with it!

And then, coming full circle, The Verve sampled a cover of The Last Time, performed by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra, in The Verve’s biggest hit, Bittersweet Symphony, and Allen Klein—who owned the publishing rights to The Stones’ song but who had nothing to do with creating it—sued.  And the result: Jagger and Richards got shared writing credit for Bittersweet Symphony.  Wow.

Covers: One is in Serbian!

Hit next for some more great ones!

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