THE TOP 40 COMICS OF 2016: #10-1!

1. Vision by Tom King, Michael Walsh and Jordie Bellaire (Marvel)
Tom King has proven himself to be … Amazing. Between this book and Omega Men and Sheriff of Babylon, he is the most talented new comic writer of the decade. And teamed up with an incredible art team, he’s unstoppable.

Vision had the best covers of the year. Every one of them was pure brilliance, and if I wasn’t such a luddite I’d have a gif show of all of them. But I am, so settle for a couple indented in this post.

Vision is a single story told over 12 issues, that attempts to make sense of the character’s 40+ year history—all of it—while still telling a relevant and powerful story in the present.

And Vision #7 was one of the best comics I’ve ever read. Seriously. If this had just been one issue in a remarkable series, it would have been good enough, but it was so much more. In the first six issues of this book, Tom King established Vision’s synthezoid family—a wife, two kids, a dog, a picket fence—and began to tell one of the most emotionally complex stories in modern comics through robots. But then, in issue #7, Tom King reconciles all of Vision’s strange and wonderful past: His romance with Scarlet Witch, the gain and loss of their two “children,” how Vision switched bodies and brainwaves to essentially wipe out the personality who loved Wanda and then become a much less “human” entity. And King weaves the tale through a recurring, self-depricating joke about how ridiculous it would be if a toaster were humanized. Continuity buffs like Brian Michael Bendis and Grant Morrison take note: Tom King just blew you away.

This title is great, and this issue was a masterpiece. Add in incredible art and color work by Michael Walsh and Jordie Bellaire, and you’ve got what is easily one of the best books of the year—if not the decade. They even had a great tribute to Vision’s creators as the masthead for their letters page!

SPECIAL AWARDS: Best Covers of the Year! Best Single Issue of the Year! Best Letter Page Banner of the Year!


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