AVENGERS #127 and FANTASTIC FOUR #150 (1974)

It’s time for a wedding!  Quicksilver is formalizing his relationship with Crystal, the Inhuman, and he’s not inviting his sister.  Why?  Because she’s dating Vision.

This is another way Marvel improved comic books: By having dimensions to their heroes and antiheroes.  See, mutants can be bigots, too.  Especially the hotheaded Pietro.  He’s consistently been portrayed this way, too.  See especially Peter David’s writing in early issues of X-Factor.  Great, great stuff–best Quicksilver comics ever.

Anyway, there’s lots of guests at the wedding, including, of course, one who is not invited–because every Marvel wedding gets crashed by a villain.

This time, it’s…Ultron!

So there’s a room full of superheroes: The Inhumans, The FF, The Avengers. But guess who defeats Ultron-7?


Yes!  Ultron’s fight serves as the basis to revive Franklin from his Reed-laser-gun induced stupor.  He uses his awesome power to save the day, and, in the process, seems to be depowered.  This was either an excuse to get the kid out of his coma and make him not a universal threat, so that the FF could reunite, or it was the plan all along.  I believe the former to be true.

Finally, check out the cover.  Notice the problem?

It’s Quicksilver.  he hasn’t worn a green costume in a long time.

Creators: Avengers: Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema.  FF: Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler.

Grade: B+

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