Should You Kiss a Woman on a First Date?

It’s almost impossible to get used to the first dates because every time you go out with a new girl you don’t know what to expect. Of course, you take a positive approach and hope everything will go off without a hitch. But admit that your head is always full of questions before, during, and after your first dates. You want to know whether she will like the place where you asked her, how you should behave, and, probably the most important question, – whether she will welcome your kiss at the end of a date. Some girls are very conservative in terms of first-date kissing while others feel absolutely OK with it. So, your task will be to find out which type of women your date belongs to and act accordingly. The following tips will help you understand whether you should go for a kiss or it’s better to do it on a second date.

Feel her disposition. Kissing is the manifestation of intimacy but in the context of a first date, it’s a different kind of intimacy. It’s a sign of romance and mutual attraction. This is what two people want if they liked each other during the date. They say it’s not a kiss itself but the feelings and emotions overwhelming you right before the kiss that make it such an exciting experience. You want to kiss the woman but don’t know how she feels about you. If you’re attentive enough, you’ll see it with the naked eye. Paying attention to her body language and the way she behaves, you’ll know whether she is ready for a kiss. If she leans or draws near to you, she is sending you a signal of her readiness. Slight touching is another sign of her desire either she touches you occasionally or just allows you to touch her hand or shoulder. If you lean to her and she moves away from you or withdraws her hand once you touch it, she’s not in the mood of kissing.

Be nice. Since the first-date kiss usually takes place at the end of the date, you should keep your head until the end. If the woman hasn’t shown any signs of her readiness for a kiss, stay nice and courteous to her no matter what. See her home or call a taxi for her. Your good manners can melt her heart and prompt her to accept your kiss. Again, make an attempt to kiss her and watch her reaction. If she turns her face away, thank her for the evening, say goodnight, and promise to call her back.

Kiss her on her cheek. The safest way to express your romantic intentions is to go for the cheek kiss. Do it as softly as you can. You can also try to kiss her lips. If she doesn’t stop you, make sure your kiss is tongue-free, sweet, and tender.

Decipher her signals. If you know that she likes you, you can be sure she won’t mind kissing. How to know that the woman likes you? Again, be attentive and you’ll see it. The way she reacts to your jokes can tell much about her attitude to you. If she sincerely laughs at all your jokes, she’s into you. If she touches you during your conversation (as if accidentally), she expresses her romantic interest in you this way. And, finally, a time-tested indicator of her readiness for kissing. If she realizes that you’re going to kiss her but she doesn’t want it, she will start talking non-stop just to drag away the moment and avoid the kiss. But if she’s attracted to you and waits for your first move, she will surrender once you take her by the hand.

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