WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Many Songs, Many Styles Edition!

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This week’s celebration of singles is an eclectic, most excellent gathering.  I’m going to start with something by a new rock artist, and then a bunch of rap singles, and then more goodies. Read on!
If Jake Thomas Turnbull’s album is as good as this single, I’m all over it. Great stuff.

Snoop Dogg’s newest single, My Carz, is exactly what you’d expect: Shallow lyrics, a sample from Gary Neuman, and a song about his cars and how cool they are. But something about Snoop, he can just make stuff like this work.

Spiderdagod’s new one is also what you’d expect from him: Bragadacchio. All swagger.

Look! Gift of Gab is back! And he’s sampling 10 Years After!

Your Old Droog is back, too. This guy is so fucking good. How do more people not know him?

Okay, enough rap for today. Let’s try something completely different, from Tin Angel Records…

Okay, and let’s close this out with PJ Harvey’s new video…

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