Turning Your Digital Comics To Money: Top Tips


As is the case with newspapers and magazines, comics are now very much digitalized; making the industry similarly confusing and challenging. There are few discussion forums on the business side of comics and thus new comic business owners are left to find ways to navigate the myriad of stumbling blocks on their own. This is especially true for creators just starting on their own. One of the main challenges facing creators is discovery. This problem is more pronounced in the comic world than the traditional world of prose books. This piece takes a look at some tips to keep in mind as you set out on your comic book journey.

Make a contact list of your audience

You need to a have a list where you can alert your audience when a new comic book or piece of merchandise comes out. This could be email, social media or a combination of both. This is even more vital if your comic is an e-book or digital download based, as opposed to a regularly updating web comic.

Web comics are easier than E-books For Audience Building

If you are looking to build an audience, you will generally achieve better results with a web comic than with e-books. With e-books, you have to hope that you have done enough to convince the reader to part with money. If they make the purchase on a third party service, such as Amazon for instance, you will lose the opportunity to acquire contact information.

Consider going the crowdfunding route

a comic business is still not very popular but it does work. The traditional method is to seek for funding from your audience and then compensate them when the comics are out. The success of this model is dependent on what you have to offer your target audience. You can offer digital copies as rewards or give away some exclusives. You can consider this as presales with some exclusive items to upsell fans that have been most dedicated to you. Many businesses in other sectors, including less traditional ones such as paypal bingo sites, like the ones on paypal-bingo.org have been able to use this model effectively for years. You can mirror their successes.

Patience is vital

This is not a binding rule but many comic creators have to put in work for 1-3 years before they can start making decent incomes on web comics. There have been very few huge breakout stories with e-books so it is difficult to put a timeline on when you can start making money with them, especially as a new creator. However, since it is a generally known fact that most businesses (digital comics are a business) are not swimming in black in their first year , you should be prepared to wait out the first few years.

With these tips, you can gradually transform your comic business career into a long and profitable journey.

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