WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring covers of Fleetwood Mac, some new Badu, and other great stuff!

alf playing saxaphone
Erykah Badu is just awesome. There can be no debate on this. Seriously.

The Everywheres have some delicious psychedelic pop. Check this single out.

And here’s a country(ish) Dire Straits cover that seems at once to be radically different from the original and yet has enough of it to feel like a solid cover. Lovin’ it.

Here’s a little AM Radio niceness…

In the endless stream of Prince cover tributes, you might have missed this slow, ambient vision of I Would Die 4 U. Check it out.

Brighton, England’s Kurb’s new single, Guilty, sounds vaguely like a darker version of Pink’s Get The Party Started. Or at least the hook does. Fortunately, I love that song.

And let’s close out with a Fleetwood Mac cover.


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