JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VOL. 1, #37-38: The Third Annual JLA/JSA Team-Up


Jumping ahead from #31 to #37 because what’s between is…Not worth reading.  These are the annual JLA/JSA team-up issues.  If you recall, last time the teams met was in issues #29-30, which were the best issues of the comic thus far.  While #37 and 38 won’t dethrone those issues, this is another take on a similar theme: Another bad version of JLA from an alternate Earth.  This time, it’s Johnny Thunder and the Lawless League.

Great band name.

As far as I know, this Earth version never reappeared, even in any of the Grant Morrison “I can make any past continuity current” issues.

DC should republish just the JLA/JSA annual crossovers from the Fox/Sekowsky years.  They’re really the best comics from the run (at least so far), and they’re lots of fun.

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