ILLUMINATI #6 (2006)

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Issues of a regular comic that cross over, or “tie in,” to an event are usually weak–especially when it is a comic that relies heavily on a serial narrative.  In this issue, Joshua Williamson does a very good job at making the Avengers: Standoff event fit into the overall Illuminati story.  Our entry point into Illuminati has been Crusher “Absorbing Man” Creel’s girlfriend, Titania, who misses her imprisoned partner and is basically duped by Red Hood into joining his band of not-so-merry men.  So, to tie-in to a story about a prison for super-villains, Williamson simply makes Creel an inmate.

Well done.

A hallmark of this comic has been its witty writing.  This issue is less “fun” and “funny” than the previous ones, but still a very strong entry in one of the best books Marvel is currently publishing.

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