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DC’s rebirth is coming—soon!—and I’m actually excited. No, scratch that. I’m optimistic. No, scratch that. I know it won’t be great, but I think I may actually be reading a few more DC Comics than I do now. Right now, I’m at 5: Midnighter, Omega Men, Doctor Fate (mostly for the art—the story feels like an attempt to copy Marvel’s Ms. Marvel), Prez (just cancelled), and Batman (but every month I ask myself why I’m still reading it).sugar and spike 2016Oh, and I really, really, REALLY liked the middle story in the new anthology DC Legends of Tomorrow. Bafflingly, it’s named after a crappy Flash spin-off show, but the comic had a hidden gem: A reboot of Sugar and Spike(!) by Keith Giffen and Bilquis Evely. It’s edgy, hilarious, and really, really different. I can’t wait to read more! Too bad it was sandwiched between mediocre stories about Firestorm and The Metal Men. But I guess you need to have some bread in a sandwich, right?
Anyway, now that most of the details about Rebirth are out, I think that number might just double—at least for the first few months, until the new creative teams quit or Dan Didio hamstrings them with some nonsensical edict.

DC is insisting that rebirth isn’t a reboot—new 52 continuity still matters, they’re just putting some new creative teams on titles and renumbering everything back to #1. At least they’re being honest about just trying to get people to buy #1s…

A bunch of books will double ship, and DC is handling the demand by having a single writer paired with multiple artists—much like Marvel did when Amazing Spider-Man was being published three times a month. Not a bad idea.

Here’s what’s coming, and what I’m excited about…

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