I love Punisher and I’ve read just about every single one of his appearances—which you can find neatly racked, stacked, linked and reviewed here.

I’ve also done a list of his best books, but but when one of my favorite bloggers updated his to honor Daredevil Season Two on Netflix, I thought maybe it was time for me to do the same.

Plus, my old list is 5 years old.

There are mostly only a few kinds of Punisher stories: Punisher as a hardcore vigilante; Punisher fighting people way out of his league (aka Punisher-as-Batman); Punisher extended brawls; and Punisher in a novelty role, like a fish out of water. For each of these tropes, I tried to offer “further reading” if you like an entry on the list, and I tried to make sure the list covered the right stuff…

Hit next to start!

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