This is probably the best issue of a great series.  There’s so much here.  It opens (so it seems) with Deadpool getting therapy in a mental health facility.  Yeah, it’s funny, but that depiction of his abusive father is visually stunning.  This issue cemented this title as my favorite of Kyle Baker’s many great works.  Look at this panel, as they move deeper into the story of the child abuse Wade Wilson experienced…IMG_9827

Yes, the scar on the eye is a reference to Cable–another way that David Lapham and Baker tell the reader that what you’re seeing may not be real, or at least may not be literal.

And then they give shout outs to two great movies of the 1960s: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (that’s a recreation of a scene from the film, featuring Danny Devito’s first film role):


And the wonderful, touching and sweet Harold and Maude–about a woman who everyone thinks is crazy, but is really a free spirit.IMG_9830If this post doesn’t make you want to read this book, nothing will.

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