G.O.A.T.: PRINCE WEEK! The conclusion!

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I couldn’t do just one song by Prince for my regular “Greatest of all tunes” feature, so I did 10. Today: The top 3!

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#3 When Doves Cry (“Purple Rain” 1984)

How many Prince songs break me? Many. This one, about a child whose parents are in a bad marriage, is one of them.


Direct link: Live bluegrass version by Special Ed and the Shortbus

#2 I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (“Sign O’ The Times” 1987)

One of his lesser-known tracks, but one that showed how powerfully he could mix soul and rock with funk and dance. There are two guitar solos in it.

Further listening: If I Was Your Girlfriend (“Sign O’ The Times” 1987). Another great song from this great album, but here Prince longs for the girl instead of the other way around. And a few other solid Prince ballads: The Arms of Orion with Sheena Easton (“Batman” 1989); When 2 R in Love (“The Black Album” 1994).

Cover versions: I love the eels and My Morning Jacket versions.

I Could Never Take The Place…My Morning Jacket (direct link to mpfree)

#1 Purple Rain (“Purple Rain” 1984)

A powerful, Oscar-winning ballad that I’ve heard hundreds of times, and it still chokes me up. Purple Rain may be the best song of all time. Yet it never reached #1 on the Billboard charts. It hit #2. Want to know what was #1?

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

Cover versions: Many. None can touch the original.

Jarflys live version (direct link)

Mammal Dap live version (direct link)

That’s it.  Hope you dug this!

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