G.O.A.T.: PRINCE WEEK! Part One!

The “Greatest Of All Tunes” is a regular feature where I focus on one song by one artist, and usually post some covers and other recommended songs by the same performer. But there are a few creators who are so good, nay, so great, that I can’t follow my own one-song-per-artist rule. Like Prince.

For Mr. Rogers Nelson, I could easily do a dozen GOATs. Probably two or three dozen. But we have to draw the line somewhere. So I tried to figure out the best place to put the line. I could do one song from every album, but he’s got so many under his belt—and not every one has a GOAT on it. Like “For You” or “20Ten.”

I could focus on every song from Purple Rain, which is probably the greatest album of all time. But then I’d miss out on some of his other work.

So I settled on the old standby: A top 10 list. And I’m going to post it over the course of three days.


prince licks guitar#10 Kiss (“Parade” 1986)

Making a top 10 list is hard because there’s so much you have to exclude. Most of this list will have the really powerful songs he made, the ones that are moving—earth shaking. But I wanted to include an example of Prince as the simple pop singer. So I went with this.

Further listening: Other just plain pop songs by the great one: Pop Life (“Around the World in a Day” 1985); Rasberry Beret (“Around the World in a Day” 1985); Cinnamon Girl (“Musicology” 2004); The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (“The Gold Experience” 1995).

Covers: The most famous, the most classic, after direct links to live versions off the archive…

Ween covers “Kiss”

John Mayer’s version

#9 Sign O’ The Times (“Sign O’ The Times” 1987)

prince wrinkels face

Prince doesn’t usually do “socially conscious” music, but he did here—on a double album recorded mostly live, and my second favorite Prince record. I’m a little sad that this list is so heavy off of two albums, but when you create pure genius—twice—you get recognized.

Further listening: The Morning Papers (“Love Symbol” 1994)

Covers: Not a lot of folks try this one—it’s got a crunchy hook and lyrics that are tough to pull off. But Muse did a good job.

Click next for #8 and 7!

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