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So in spite of Daniel Way’s run starting fairly strong but swiftly descending into miserably tepid blandness, Deadpool as a character was huge in 2010.  He had several ongoings, appeared in tons of cross-overs and one-shots, and then became the anchor for a team-up monthly.

And it was good!

What made this book so much fun was that every issue was by different creative team, and it eschewed A-Listers like Captain America or Spider-Man, and went straight to guys few people had ever heard of.  Oh, and it was numbered backwards.  The first issue, #899, featured Hercules and was written by Fred Van Lente.  Subsequent issues had creators like guest-starred creators like David Lapham, Cullen Bunn, Rob Williams, and Shawn Crystal (in very early Marvel work), and had guest-stars like U.S. Ace, The Zapata Brothers, Hell Cow, and the version of Machine Man who was in NEXTWave.

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