WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring Erykah Badu, Prince, hip hop and soul!

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I don’t know what’s gotten into her, but Erykah Badu is on a career high. Last year’s full album tribute to Hotline Bling was, ironically, one of the most original and best albums of the year. Now she’s paying tribute to the Whodini classic of the 1980s, “Friends,” and turning it into something smooth, silky, modern and magical.

But what I’m most excited about is new Atmosphere…I love these guys.

Pusha T and Future. Pusha T is quickly moving up to my top 5.

This is going to sound elitist, but with few exceptions I never like British rap. Something about the accent just doesn’t lend itself to the voice of the downtrodden, to me at least. But Bonkaz’ new single is actually pretty good.

But to prove I’m not just all about America, here’s the latest MIA cut. She seems to be unable to do anything wrong lately.

I’m not sure what this is about, but I dig the groove. Max Wonders, “Grow Up.” New trap hip hop.

This cover of When Doves Cry came out last summer, but I just found it. It’s pretty cool—new funk.

Africaine 808 isn’t strictly hip hop, but it is good beats…

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