DEADPOOL VOLUME 2 (2008) #1-7


Daniel Way had several innovations—Deadpool’s caption boxes actually talk to each other, and there are three: White, internal dialog; yellow, internal dialog; and yellow word balloons when he speaks out loud.  Another was “pool-o-vision,” which came later, and let us the readers see what crazy Deadpool saw.

But his other innovation was to fully remove from Deadpool the darkness that used to plague him, the self-doubt, the depth.  The stories were simpler, much more corporate than any Deadpool story before.  The first arc was a skrull story, tying into the “Secret Invasion” storyline.  It was pretty good—better than average.  Then came an X-Men storyline with White Queen.


You can tell from the panel below that the jokes are more straightforward, less creative.


Again, not horrible comics, but not great.

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