CABLE AND DEADPOOL #39: The Wade Wilson Retcon


Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool was the most complex one in the character’s history, and one of the best written as well.  And in his final arc, Kelly completely claimed the character–and his history–by telling us that he wasn’t Wade Wilson after all, he was a vicious rapist.  (See my post on it here.)

Well, in this issue Fabian Nicieza (and artist Ron Lim) reclaims the character he co-created by saying that all that stuff Kelly wrote about never happened…IMG_9683

T-Ray returns, but this time Deadpool knows the truth.


He’s always been Wade Wilson, and that whole, deeply psychological (and disturbing) story by Joe Kelly was bullshit.

Hm.  Retcons are usually copouts, but in this case it’s very meta: The original creator of the character takes him back to what was originally intended.  Fascinating.

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