CABLE & DEADPOOL #36-39: Unfinished Business


“Hey!  That’s my old keychain!”

It’s finally time for Rhino to get revenge on Deadpool for the time he shrunk old Rhiney and used him for all kinds of foolishness and hilarity, and a storyline that recalls one of the best (and criminally shortest) Deadpool arcs of all time can’t possibly be all bad.  And this one is great.

Who knew all it took was a little Rhino (no pun intended) to make a great Deadpool story?

Plus, Taskmaster.

taskmaster deadpool

Basically, Deadpool wants to get his rep back as being a great merc so he talks to Blind Al, who we haven’t seen since the old Deadpool solo book, breaks Tasky out of prison, kidnaps most of his competitors, gets shrunk by Rhino, rescues Agent X (who is now a huge, fat guy due to Hydra injections of experimental genes), and, in the end, decides to be a hero.


Oh, and perhaps the most important of all: The first appearance of Hydra Bob!


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