DEADPOOL #26-27: The First Appearance of Dr. Bong


Just when I thought I’d already read the best issue of Joe Kelly’s Deadpool run, he goes and creates Deadpool #27.  It’s up there with Deadpool/Death ’98 and issue #11 (“With Great Power…).

At the very end of issue #26, we meet Dr. Bong, who diagnoses Wade Wilson as insane.  Then, at the beginning of #27, he says the treatment is that Wade has to kill a superhero.  Why?  No idea.  But Deadpool is ready to oblige by giving Wolverine his “most gratuitous appearance ever.”  But not really.  He’s actually relevant to the story.


Deadpool meets Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, who immediately knows she won’t like him.  Sure enough…


Deadpool clocks her on the very next page, just to piss off Logan, who then comes after Wade and they fighty fight.  And unlike most Wolverine appearances, this one is bloody and savage.  He claws Deadpool to pieces.  But during the fight, Joe Kelly can’t help noting how silly comic fights can be…


As a result of getting mauled by Wolverine, Deadpool remembers a woman from his past, which means we have a new plot thread to follow and a new storyline about Deadpool’s past.  He and Wolverine have always been similar characters, both dealing with repressed memories and extreme violence, and this issue makes the parallel clear as day.  It’s also a great example of how Kelly was at the top of his game with this series.

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