Another absolutely brilliant issue.  For a bunch of issues, there’s been this dude Ajax capturing, interrogating and killing folks associated with the Weapon X program.  Now, we learn why.

It starts with that awesome splash page, after which he receives that fist to his face and it kills him.  Seriously.  And he rises out of his body and meets Death, who shows him his full-blown origin story.  He started out trying to be a hero in “Department K”….


…but failed.  Miserably.  And got cancer. 


From there, he went to Weapon X Facility where he was tortured within an inch of his life and met Death for the first time.  He fell in love with her and tried suicide so he could be with her—a very ingenious way of explaining what happens to a man who is put through what Wade Wilson went through. 

In the end, Deadpool doesn’t die—and he does finally get to kiss Death.


He then goes on to get revenge against the Weapon X program.

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