COMIC BOOK NEWS featuring Cap’s 75th birthday, a movie roundup, and more!
Before the short listed items below, I wanted to start with X-MEN: THE DANGER ROOM PROTOCOLS. Joel Furtado is producing a fan-fiction youtube series based on the 1990s X-Men arcade game and cartoon. Check out the short, it’s pretty cool.  The series will run for 18 episodes, starting on January 19. Get your tickets now!

And as for the rest of the world of comic news…

old cap

CAPTAIN AMERICA IS 75! And he’ll celebrate his 75th birthday on January 19 on ABC in a one-hour special with interviews from people who actually know about the character (Stan Lee, Joe Quesada) and people who need face time to promote flailing Marvel ABC shows like SHIELD and Agent Carter, which will return right after the Cap special. Expect fluff, hope for something interesting.


  • POWERLESS. I’d heard rumors that Marvel’s old series Damage Control, about a clean up/construction crew who try to fix damage caused by superheroes, is being developed for Netflix and I thought, “Good idea, but is anyone really ready for that?” It seems DC Comics and NBC think so, as they’re developing a version of The Office that will take place in a superhero world. Since DC’s universes are quite fragmented, it’s unclear what exactly this means. Their movies are just starting to tie in, their CW lineup overlaps frequently, and shows like Supergirl and Constantine have stood alone.
  • BATTLING BOY. Paul Pope’s excellent graphic novel about a superhero in the future is being adapted by Paramount for the big screen, with Jason Mantzoukas on board to write it. He’s written and had roles on The League and Children’s Hospital. It will be directed by a Disney animation staffer named Patrick Osborne, and purportedly will mix animation and live action.
  • VOLTRON RE-FORMS! Netflix and DreamWorks Animation are bringing back the 5-in-1 robot warrior, in a deal that will also include a new original cartoon by Guillermo Del Toro.
  • PUNISHER! Daredevil Season 2 will debut on Netflix on March 25–the same day as Batman v Superman. Guess which one I’ll be waiting for? Honestly, at this point I might not even go see Batman v Superman. Literally every single piece of advance hype for that movie has left me bored, not floored.
  • BARBIE: THE MOVIE. I know, she’s not a comic book character, but she is the model for most comic book female bodies. Who says feminism is dead?

BUT HERE’S ONE THAT’S NOT GETTING MADE. Titans. The TNT show based on DC’s Teen Titans comic is dead. No surprises here, really.

DC DOUBLE SHIPS. In 2016, DC has said it will be releasing several titles twice monthly. No word on exactly which, but they’ll most definitely include all the Batman stuff. Two times the crappy comics! Seriously, DC, you need to focus on quality, not quantity.

MARVEL CIVIL WAR CONCEPT ART RELEASED. To help hype Avengers 3 (uh, I mean Captain America 3), Marvel has released a shot of Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd doing an Avengers #223


MORE SHAFT! David F. Walker’s Dynamite comic was one of the best surprises of last year, and this year it will return. Can’t wait!

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