Joe Kelly was writing Daredevil at the same time he was writing Deadpool, and while I can’t say I loved his DD work, I did love the way he wove it into DP. 

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Typhoid Mary was a Daredevil villain/love interest for years, and now Kelly basically moves her over into Deadpool’s book.  She’s completely crazy—homicidal, schizophrenic, and incredibly dangerous.  So naturally, she’s a perfect match for Wade Wilson.  One of her personalities, Mary Walker, hires Deadpool to kill another one of her personalities, but her Typhoid Mary personality also hires Deadpool to break her out of a mental asylum.  TM falls in love (kinda) with DP, and decides to make him a better killer.  Meanwhile Deadpool is struggling with his own dark side, and trying to get Mary to be a hero.  Very interesting storyline, and Daredevil—the guy who dresses like Satan, beats up criminals, then dresses in a tie and defends them in court, is the perfect balancing character to this.  It’s a complex adventure in comparative moralism, something you don’t see often in comics.

Meanwhile, that storyline with Zoe and Noah continues.  We get panels of them assessing Deadpool’s abilities.  Kind like in Enders Game, the way the government would watch people and pick out the ones they thought would make good warriors.


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