In his third issue, Kelly finally reveals that he’s doing an arc.  Issues #1 and 2 were about set-up, establishing the characters and letting us know who he thinks Deadpool really is.  It’s not that Kelly’s vision is radically different from Fabian Nicieza’s vision of the character, but Kelly adds some horror to it—from his holding a blind lady hostage in his home to serve as his manservant to his willingness to kill (or at least allow death to happen).  These aren’t things you find in a Marvel Universe comic—even from villains.

IMG_9479 (1)

With #3, we meet Dr. Killbrew, who was Wade Wilson’s creator in the Weapon X program, who tells him Deadpool’s healing factor is slowing down.  In #4, Deadpool fights Hulk to get a blood sample, which Killbrew says will help fix DP’s problem.  It’s a good fight, and over a decade later this concept of “Gamma blood healing” would be revived during Daniel Way’s Deadpool run.IMG_9499

Then in #5, it ends with Deadpool and his gal pal Siryn hugging over lettering that looks like graffitti. 


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