The Greatest Comic Book Character You May Not Know About

maxOver the years, there have certainly been quite a few great comic book characters. Nowadays many of them star in their own TV shows and movies. And while the majority of those characters are household names well known even by non-comic book fans, there are hundreds more that are just as cool and interesting that only diehards are familiar with. One of those is Max Damage.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Damage, he appeared in a series called Incorruptible that ran from 2009 to 2012. Max Damage has a very unique story that is very different from other superheroes. Unlike folks of his ilk, he wasn’t bitten by anything radioactive or decided to don a cape to clean up a town or to get revenge on bad guys. Max actually began as a dangerous villain and one of the biggest enemies to the superhero Plutonian.

However, things change forever for Max just as he is about to unleash a plague on the world. As usual, Plutonian shows up to foil his plan. But for some reason, instead of fighting Max, Plutonian starts attacking innocent people. This convinces Max that if Plutonian is no longer able to save the day, he can.

Another thing that separates Max Damage from many other superheroes is his powers, which he got as the result of an experiment by an evil scientist named David Orjean, a.k.a., Origin. Max has incredible strength and invulnerability, but to sustain them he needs to stay awake. When he sleeps, his powers dissipate rapidly. Once he wakes up again, it doesn’t take him long to regain his superpowers, but at the same time, he loses his sensations of taste, smell, and touch. Max trains to stay awake for long periods of time, but this leads to problems with concentration as well as hallucinations. As you can see, Max is a pretty complicated guy, which is further detailed by Comic Vine.

If Max Damage seems like the kind of character who should be starring in his own movies or TV show, you’re right. Hollywood needs some fresh blood when it comes to superheroes, and Max could be a perfect fit. In the meantime, until the folks in the big offices wise up, there’s apparently an arcade-style game featuring what looks like a different, more cartoon-y spin on the Max Damage character as we know it. According to, the five-reel slots game features the character returning to “save the world from alien invasion one more time.” And in playing as Max, you’re tasked with match up spaceships, aliens, and other spacey symbols in order to win a big jackpot.

That may not be the Max Damage some of us know and love, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Not only that, but who better to receive his own video game?

As you may know, Max Damage’s story ended a few years ago. However, in an interview on Comic Book Resources, co-creator Mark Waid hinted that Max could make a return at some point. “It’s possible,” Waid said. “[Co-creator] Peter Krause and I have talked about it over the past couple of years here and there.”

The good news for fans is that even if Waid is not involved, he would not have a problem with someone else picking up where he left off. “Yeah, I’d be fine [with it],” Waid added. “This is a collaborative medium, and I knew that going in.” Fingers crossed!

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