G.O.A.T.:ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG-Billy Joel (1977)

[box type=”shadow”]THE GREATEST OF ALL TUNES (G.O.A.T.) is a salute to the greatest songs of all time. One song per artist, with suggested further listening and covers![/box]
Confession: I liked this song, but didn’t love it until I heard Melissa Etheridge cover it on The Howard Stern Show. There’s a long, talking intro but if you fast-forward to 1:20 you’ll hear the whole thing and if it doesn’t send chills up your spine you might be dead. I’ve often thought about making a “Top 10 Songs About Begging For Sex.” This song would probably be #2. Right behind Meat Loaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, which isn’t a better song but my God is it epic on the topic of losing your virginity. I can’t imagine any song has said more on the subject.

Further listening: Tell Her About it or You May Be Right.
Covers: Melissa Etheridge’s is definitive.

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