In 2005, writer Reginald Hudlin and John Romita, Jr. rebooted T’Challa, starting in Wakanda, and showing him as the most cunning of hunters.  

The first arc, “Who is the Black Panther,” gets a bad rap from a lot of Black Panther fans, but I don’t understand why.  It redfines the character as a National leader, reminding readers of the really old Panther tales, but also shows how he’s not a B-lister.  He’s a major player who can even take Captain America!


The rest of the run suffers from lack of John Romita, Jr., who created a real sense of danger.  In fact, as soon as he leaves Hudlin starts turning Panther into a wisecracking action hero, which doesn’t really work.


Oh well.  Read the first few issues, and the last few–which we’ll talk about next time.

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