I’m sick on a holiday and I’m thinking….

10. Johnny Ryall’s Prison Pit is loved by many but it’s crudely drawn violent porn. I love prisons. I love violence. But I just don’t get this.

9.  The New DC might actually be good.  Even though DC You sounds like a public service message.  Earth-2, Justice League of America, Midnighter, Dr. Fate, Omega Men, and Martian Manhunter all had strong #1s.  And I’ve always felt Martian Manhunter was irredeemable shit.

8.  Secret Wars 2015 is the best Marvel Event ever, because just about every single spin-off is tons of fun and worth reading.  But it’s basically just one long “What If?” adventure, exploring what might have happened if all those old events or characters had survived.  I don’t know what comes after Secret Wars, but I’m in no rush to find out.

7.  SW seems to be about bringing back old characters, but I don’t see Quasar.  And for that I am grateful.

6.  So between Marvel and DC both being at the top of their game, I barely have enough time to read.  But Image is also kicking ass.  Great new stuff from them this year, especially the raunchy and wild Airboy.  I never liked the original, but this version kicks naked hairy ass.  I mean it.  Lots of crude nudity.  It feels like the kind of comic Grant Morrison would make if he were Garth Ennis.

5.  And speaking of Garth Ennis: Where Monsters Dwell and All-Star Section 8.  He’s writing his best stuff for Marvel and DC, and he hasn’t written for them in years!

4.  Remember that time Frank Miller made a kids’ toy tie-in ultraviolent?

3.  Speaking of Frank, I’ve been scanning through old issues of The Comics Journal from the late ’80s, and man did they hate him.  They said he was trite and boring and way too violent.  I guess I’m a peasant, because I thought his Daredevil work was terrific.

2.  I can’t think of a number 2.

1.  Got your Ant Man tickets yet?  I do.

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