WHAT IF? #22, 24 and 25


What If? #22: What if Dr. Doom became a hero?

What If? #24: What if Spider-Man had Rescued Gwen Stacy?

What If? #25: What if Thor and the Avengers battled the Gods?

Three up, three down.  I want to say all three have come true: Dr. Doom just saved the universe in Secret Wars (yeah, he was a real dick about it—but he did save it); Gwen Stacy is back from an alternate universe; and Thor and the Avengers have battled the Gods several times.  But these versions are so far from what’s depicted in the issue of What If that I can’t say they really came true. 

Except #25.

Collected as “Assault on Olympus,”near the end of his amazing run as Avengers scribe, Roger Stern—with legendary artist John Buscema—had Thor and the Avengers take on the Greek pantheon.  Granted, in What If? they were fighting Odin’s ilk, but this one is really close enough to be another notch in the What If?s that came true belt.

So, one out of three came true.  We’re now 75% of the way through volume 1 of What if?, and 12 of 20 questions posed by The Watcher ended up being canon.









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