WEST COAST AVENGERS #56: Darker than Scarlet


This may be the dirtiest sequence ever printed in a Marvel Comic.  Or not.  I can’t tell.

You know an issue is a labor of love when it has a great title like the one above, and then has a great tagline on the cover: The Witch is Back!

John Byrne puts everything he has into this issue.  Not a whole lot happens—it’s mostly Scarlet Witch holding some Avengers hostage and talking about what badass evil she has planned, and waiting for her daddy and brother to show up so they can really get evil.  But the dialog is crisp, and the pacing feels quick even if it’s a talkie issue.  Kinda like a really good Brian Michael Bendis issue.

Byrne also continues to bring the creepy with this exchange, between Wanda and Wonder Man—who is frozen in place by her powers…But what the heck is she doing off panel?  Seriously.  I don’t know.  

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