WCA 37
The team finally finds out Mockingbird’s big secret—that when they traveled back in time and met up with up with The Rangers (in issues #8-9), Mockingbird failed to step in to save Phantom Rider’s life—after he raped her. Yeah, it’s heavy stuff. This plot line has been building for years (in real time, I mean—since #9), and now it has come to its logical conclusion: Clint and Bobbi will divorce, and the team splits evenly.

Hawkeye is a complete asshole in this story—I understand there’s a “no kill” rule in The Avengers, but come on. And then, despite the woman he says he loves going through PTSD and internal horrors, he still gets together with his new crew by the end of the issue to should “Avengers Assemble!”
What an ass.

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