April 2015 saw the release by DC of it’s “world-changing” event, Convergence, and despite the fact that a mediocre and untested writer teamed up with mediocre artists to produce a jumbled, confusing, and dull-as-hell series, it’s selling well—and at the $5 an issue price point to boot!  In fact, it’s doing so well that not a single “real” Marvel comic was able to crack the top 10.  I say “real” because Marvel produces Star Wars, which is also dominating the chart.  Also, it’s not like Marvel’s regular earners like Amazing Spider-Man lost any sales—it looks like Star Wars and Convergence represent new dollars spent, not dollars diverted from other titles.  That’s great news for the industry.

Here’s the top selling books of last month:

1.  Star Wars #4

2,3.  Convergence #0, 1

4.  Batman #40

5.  Darth Vader #4

6, 7.  Convergence 2,3

8.  Kanan the Last Padawan

9.  Convergence #4

10.  Princess Leia #3.

Check it out!  A girl-led book in the top 10!  Other than Harley Quinn, I can’t remember anyone else doing that.

The best-selling “real” Marvel book was, surprisingly, Spider-Gwen #3, which placed #11.  Also interesting: Although Convergence did well, the tie-ins have not.  Only the Harley Quinn tie-in cracked the top 20 (and Harley sells no matter what she’s in). 

Expect everything to change next month when Secret Wars gets tallied up.

Over on the Graphic Novel side, Image continues to dominate.   But Marvel’s original graphic novel by Rick Remender actually took the #2 slot—no doubt in part due to the movie.  As a story, it was fairly generic—so I can’t imagine sales were drivin by the quality of the product.

1.  Walking Dead Vol. 23

2.  Avengers: Rage of Ultron

3.  Fables Vol. 21

4.  Batman Vol. 5 (Zero Year Dark City)

5.  Saga Vol. 4

6.  Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 1

7.  Harley Quinn Vol. 1

8.  Batman Vol. 6 (The Graveyard Shift)

9.  Walking Dead Vol. 1

10.  Lumberjanes Vol. 1

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