The above sequence illustrates why comics in the 1970s can beat up modern comics: The Devil “tricks” The Defenders into cheating in order to try to defeat him, then makes a speech and gets swallowed by the sidewalk in front of a showing of The Devil In Miss Jones.

Plus, most of the guys who have been major players in The Defenders over the past 100 issues join in the fun!  Patsy’s missing, but only ’cause she’s got some bad Devil mojo going on.

The non-team assembled.  Such a great lineup.
Overall, the six-fingered hand saga wasn’t a lot of fun.  Great comics, but not fun.  And if nobody smiles, there’s no reason for Hulk to stay!

But Hulk!  Wait!  Beast is arriving in three issues!

Note: This post is an update of a prior post, as part of my great Comic Index project.

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