THE EVOLUTION OF MODOK PART 18: Ringing Out the Aughties


Last post, we saw how MODOK exploded in 2007.  This continued in 2008 and 2009, which saw him in no less than fourteen(!!) books.   Rather than list them all, I’ll focus on the most notable ones.  First, pictured above, Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca brought us MODOG (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Genocide) in their brilliant reboot of Iron Man (“The Invincible Iron Man”).  He was not a formidable foe, but it was cool to see yet another acronym.  MODOK has reinvented himself more often than Hank Pym!


Mark Millar had a go at MODOK in the silent issue of his alternate reality series 1985, which, if you haven’t read, you really should.  It’s a great boo.  With Mark Millar you either get something really cool or complete crap.  He’s nothing if not extreme.  But more importantly, MODOK was a title character again in “Dark Reign: MODOK: Reign Delay.”  He was hungry.  Demanded pancakes.  Awesome.  Couple that appearance with appearances in Ed Brubaker’s fiftieth issue of Captain America, The Incredible Hulk #600, and Wolverine #73 (among other appearances), and MODOK was almost ubiquitous.  Almost overplayed, even. 


But nothing tops his appearances in the anthologies Strange Tales #1 and Strange Tales II #2, by Nick Bertozzi (above) and Jon Vermilyer (below).


MODOK picking his nose.  Classic!

Strange Tales were titles in which Marvel let some indie/underground creators play with the Marvel toys and do whatever they wanted.  Truly great books that, if you haven’t read, you need to.  In fact, I might feature them here some day.  So read them quick before I spoil ‘em for you.

Next: MODOK vs Red Hulk!

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