THE EVOLUTION OF MODOK PART 15: MODOK helps launch one of the greatest titles of the 2000s


Dan Slott’s She-Hulk was one of the best comics of the 2000s.  You’d think it was difficult to make She-Hulk worthy of a solo book, but quite a few creators have had great runs with her.  Her first run, by Stan Lee, was terrible.  But after that we had John Byrne, this run by Dan Slott, and Charles Soule’s fantastic book of 2014.  And MODOK was there to launch the first issue in 2004!


After that , he was part of the short-lived Captain America and the Falcon book by Priest (formerly Jim Owsley).  The book wasn’t his best work, but in #12 he delivered a brain-broken MODOK that got punched in the head by Hulk.  So that almost made the book worth it.

Actually, lots of people thought it was a good comic but for me it was just meh.

Anyway, what can MODOK do now that he’s been given a lobotomy by the U.S. Navy and then captured by SHIELD?  (Yes, that’s really what happened.)  I know!  We can forget it ever happened!  His very next appearance was in Cable & Deadpool #11 (March 2005), where he’s back with AIM and all’s well.

Next: Dan Slott gets a hold of him again!

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