THE EVOLUTION OF MODOK PART 11: MODOK Dies…For Realsies….Sort of.


At the end of 1985, MODOK died.  It was, in a rare case of truth-in-titling, in a storyline entitled “Mission: Murder MODOK!”  The Serpent Squad were hired by AIM to assassinate MODOK, and they did so.  Pretty easily, actually.  That was in Captain America #313, and the rest of the arc (which continued to issue #316), involved Cap tracking down MODOK’s killers.  And AIM figuring out what to do with the dead body—which obviously has a lot of tech they invested in.


Great storyline, by the way, which i wrote about here.

A few months later, MODOK appeared in the pages of Iron Man #205.  But it wasn’t really MODOK.  It was an evil scientist programming his body to do mean stuff to Shellhead.  So, there it was: He was really dead.  For the rest of the decade.

It’s worth mentioning two MODOK-related appearances, though. The first was actually before he died, during assistant editors’ month.  If you’re not familiar with this event, which took place in January 1984 while the “real” editors were at a convention, check it out here.  It’s cool.

The other MODOK-ish appearance was posthumous, in 1989, when in Solo Avengers #14-16 Hank Pym had to face off against….SODAM (Specialized OrganismDesigned for Aggressive Maneuvers).  Another female MODOK.  I can’t find these back issues anywhere, and I’m pretty sure they’re  bad anyway.  I could only find an image from this great site.

So, what happens in the 1990s?  Is MODOK still dead?  Come back for the next installment!

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