You might have heard that Image threw its annual press-the-flesh-with-the-press party recently.  Here’s a few of the most interesting things to look forward to from the world’s most interesting comic book publisher (at least lately)….


10.  REVENGEANCE.  It’s Darwyn Cooke, so that’s all you really need to know.  But if you want more: It’s a 3-issue noir miniseries set in 1980s Toronto.
9.  MONSTRESS.  World War One Europe is ravaged by Godzilla, written by Marjorie Liu (of Marvel’s X-23) and illustraed by Sana Takeda, whose work is usually breathtaking.
8.  STARVE.  Now that The Massive is over, Brian Wood (and artist Danijel Zezelj) can turn to a story about a celebrity chef in a poverty-stricken future where food is scarce.  Wood creates “future worlds” better than just about anyone (see also: DMZ), so for me this is a must-read.  I’m also looking forward to BLACK ROAD, another Brian Wood joint, previously announced, about Vikings—reminiscent of another Viking comic he did a few years back, “Northlanders,” which was very good.  So high hopes on this one, too.
7.  WE STAND GUARD.  It’s (yet another) tale of the future, but it’s written by Brian K. Vaughan who, quite frankly, has never written anything that wasn’t worth reading.
6.  A.D.: AFTER DEATH.  Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Jeff Lemire.  Yes, that’s right.  Two of the best creators of creator-owned material, teaming up on a story about a future where humans have cured death.  Possibly inspired by Snyder’s work on Batman (it sounds a little like R’as Al Gul), but it also sounds a bit like the absolutely brilliant original graphic novel by J.O. Jeppson titled, “The Last Immortal,” which was one of the deepest comics I’ve ever read.
5.  PLUTONA.  Lemire will also be writing for Image—a comic about five kids who find a dead body…Of a superhero!  It’s an idea so wacky I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet.
4.  PAPER GIRLS.  Brian K. Vaughan.  Cliff Chiang.  There’s no way it sin’t good, and I could care less what it’s about.  (It’s about girls who deliver newspapers in the suburbs.)  My only fear is that with so many new projects, Vaughan doesn’t fall behind on Saga.
3.  INJECTION.  The folks behind one of last year’s most celebrated Marvel comics (Moon Knight, see below), will get back together for a new sci fi series that’s got something to do with archaeology (shades of Planetary?).  Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire (one of the few colorists whose work is so extraordinary that I always notice it) might have dumped Moon Knight for this, so let’s hope it’s as great as its creative team.
2.  I HATE FAIRYLAND.  Skottie Young’s comic about a kid stuck in a land of fairies who can’t grow up past the age of eight, so she takes an axe and starts chopping shit up.  Look at that cover, and add this to your pull list.
1.  PHONOGRAM.  The next volume in this brilliant series.

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