What is Infinity: Abyss? It’s written and drawn by Jim Starlin, so it should be good (although Al Milgrom did the inking, and I’ve never really liked his work). But it’s not. It’s pretty standard: Assemble the heroes, big threat, big fight, nothing changes in the end.

There are a few nice little beats, though, like all the different Thanoses, which are explained thusly….
IMG_8382And in so doing, there’s a cute shout-out to the time Thanos fought Ka-Zar.

I wonder if Jim Starlin resented that appearance, for how much of a pussy it made Thanos appear to be.

Anyway, Starlin has fun with Thanos fighting alongside Gamora, and tries to establish how different he is now.  And yet how similar.  Like this great panel where he starts to let his mind wander on the subject of his former lover, Death.


In the end, though, Infinity Abyss doesn’t tell a great story–or even matter.

But Thanos cosplaying as Galactus makes it all worth it.


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