Here’s a review of a comic that won four SICBAs in 2013 (the Scottish comic book awards), and I bet you’ve never heard of it.

The book is written by John Lees, and it’s got a very good script.  The ideas and story are fairly simple (I don’t want to give too much away as suspense and a slow reveal is critical to enjoying the story), but they’re told in a way that really makes you feel for the characters.  Like the main protagonist, an ex-cop by the name of Hellinger, who can’t sleep because he sees demons…


In just those two panels we totally understand this guy.  He’s haunted, figuratively and literally, and the monsters in his past, which he sees in the present, have made his life unbearable.  But as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, what really makes this comic different is the art by Iain Laurie, who draws people that look as scary and gruesome as the monsters…


And, as with many “monster” books, we find that humans can be as terrible and violent as the demons themselves.


As I said, I really don’t want to give anything away, but the “evil” people in this book are…Really evil.  And really scary.  And you don’t see it coming.  If you need to know a little bit about the story, it’s about an island where girls go missing and their parents don’t look for them.


This is everything horror should be: Scary, unpredictable, full of suspense, and different.  Radically different.  Even if, at the end, you feel like it’s similar to other horror stories you’ve read or seen, you won’t be able to say you’ve ever heard the story told quite this way.  And really, isn’t that like most great ghost stories?

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