THANOS: 1993-1996


Marvel Comics in the 1990s…Sucked.  At least for the most part.  And the “event” titled “Blood and Thunder” is a good example of why.  First, most of it was written by Ron Marz, who seemed to write every comic in the 1990s.  Second, the art is just flat out awful.

I mean, look at that sequence (above) from Warlock and the Infinity Watch #25.  Odin looks like a crotchety old man and Thanos just looks weak.  And there’s much worse stuff, too, but I’ll spare you the torture.

The idea of the event wasn’t awful–Thanos vs. Asgard–but the execution was not only sloppy, but it was boring.  Boring!  Thanos can’t be boring!

After that came a brief story in Secret Defenders, also by Marz, followed by the “Cosmic Powers” miniseries in 1994.  Again by Marz.



Then a bunch of appearances in godawful comics like “Rune vs. Silver Surfer,” “Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts,” and some issues of Warlock and the Infinity Watch (which finally limped to an ending in 1995).

Then nothing for 1996.

And wait ’til you see what came next, in 1997…It’s easily the most interesting and unique Thanos story of them all!

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