IRON MAN #242-248


The very end of Dave Michelinie and Bob Layton’s return to Iron Man gets…Bad.  There’s this hacky story about Tony Stark becoming a cripple that ends with a smile, a mullet, and everything back to the way it was…It’s all very common and standard, from a team capable of so much more.


Their run would then end with a callback to one of their most glorious storylines–the one where Dr. Doom and Iron Man go to Camelot. Only this time, they go to Camelot in the future and Iron Man gets to fight Iron Man 2020.  It’s not a terrible end to their run, but it’s far from their best work.


And with that “Splangk” my series review of Iron Man ends.  I have no desire to go deeper into the incredibly shitty comics that represented the 1990s.

Instead, I’m going to begin a retrospective of…THANOS.  Stay tuned!

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